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Carrapicho is a Brazilian music group. Members are natives of the state of Amazonas. Its lead singer is Zezinho Corrêa. The group has sold a total of more than 15 million records around the world.

Carrapicho was created in 1980 in Manaus. Earlier works were in the forró traditional-style, and they were known throughout the northern region. But at the end of 1980, the Ox-dance Festival tunes were commonly in their work, but not leaving the dance aside. The group worked regionally for fifteen years. In 1996, a producer French, Patrick Bruel, heard the tune Tic, Tic Tac and decided to launch it in the France, where it reached the top 100 best-sellers charts in several European countries. In Brazil, the song was at position 34 of the 100 most played songs of the year 1996.

And in North America the song reached its peak position of 14 in Canada (Nielsen SoundScan)The song was also recorded by Chilli featuring Carrapicho and released in May 1997. Chilli feat. Carrapicho A cover of the song has also been made in Russian by the Uyghur singer Murat Nasyrov.

The band was broadcast on national television in Brazil on the program Domingo Legal, the Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão, and Gugu Liberato, discovered the band during while holidaying in the summer and subsequently invited them to participate in its program in 1996. The group proved to be a good public performance with their songs to the beat of the Boi, receiving good reviews by the public.

Carrapicho claims to be spreading the Amazonense culture in the world through music. Currently, the band plays forró, another Brazilian music genre, not focusing only on folklore themes.


  • Zezinho Corrêa – voice
  • Raimundo Nonato do Nascimento – vocals
  • Robby Martins Keys – guitar
  • Otavio Rodrigues da Silva – baixo
  • Edson Ferreira do Vale – accordion
  • Charlie Flag – keyboard
  • Ronalto Jesus, China and Luciano Caninde – batteria


  • Ianael Santos
  • Tatiana Oliveira
  • Hira Mesquita
  • Hudson Praia

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