Cassey Doreen – Biografia e Notizie


A sexy girl, 2 turntable, a mixer and a ton load of energy is a brief but fair description of Cassey Doreen. The “unedited” version goes a little like this.
The story began several years ago while travelling with her twin sister throughout Germany performing as a professional dancer, the crowds were swept along and inspired by her over the limit energy packed performances.

In the course of time after much hard work and many discarded but good ideas Doreen toyed with the idea of standing behind the turntables and instead of dancing herself she would give other people a reason to dance. The idea soon became reality and now the turntables are rotating for the brand new talent named Cassey, her first sponsor partner American Audio Company have taken Cassey on board and due to this company being young dynamic and forward thinking Cassey lost no time in cementing her collaboration with American Audio Company.

Cassey knows no musical limits , whether its Hands up, Trance, Electro, House, commercial or progressive Cassey can deliver it with a healthy portion of good fun & charisma which she emulates not only with her varied DJ sets but also via use of the microphone (a tool that many a “cool” DJ has forgotten how to use).

CASSEY DOREEN’s first single‚ GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN – a remake of CINDY LAUPER’s 1980s classic – hit the charts like a bombshell in spring 2010. The spectacular track did not only climb up the chart lists, but captured all dance floors in lightening speed. Since then various foreign record labels (e.g. Spain, Scandinavia, Australia, Poland, Russia, South Africa) licensed the song, which further continues it’s triumph around the world.

GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN reflects the spirit of the intriguing DJane quite well; she lives and breathes for her job, not only proven by her packed booking calendar and of course her numerous fans.

In contrast to the many other ex models, ex TV hosts etc., stepping behind the turntables, while following a trend, Cassey learned her fabulous DJ skills from scratch, just like many of her male colleagues. Exceptional technical equipment, spot-on music selection and her outstandingly likable attitude, provide for party ecstasy on and off the dance floor. Above all, she is performing for her audience – which is what everybody loves her for.

Having set such a high standard with the previous hit, it seemed difficult to reach similar goals. Though with the second single LIKE A VIRGIN, Cassey reconfirms a sure feeling for the spirit of times and music.

This time no less figure than an original track by Madonna „had to bite the dust“. Cassey reinvented it contemporarily to fit the dance floor perfectly. A great successor, catching up with the previous hit GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN at the highest standards of the dance scene.

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