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Deborah Haslam

Vero nome:
Elena Ferretti
Angie Sweet, Apple, Barbara Maniscalch, Barbie, Desire’, Elena Ferretti, Elisha, Erika,Harmony, Helena, Hely, Judy Crystal, Karen, Margaret, Olivia, Queen Of Times, Sara,Valentina, Vanity, Veronique, Victoria.


Elena Ferretti (Born 1960 in San Donato Milanese, Italy) is a professional Italian Eurobeat singer-vocalist and songwriter.
She is better known by the pseudonyms:
Alexis, Angie Sweet, Apple, Barbara Maniscalch, Barbie, Deborah Haslam, Desire’, Elisha, Erika, Helena, Hely, Judy Crystal, Karina, Linda, Margaret, Melody, Queen Of Times, Olivia, Rose, Sara, Sophie, Valentina, Vanity, Veronique andVictoria.

or as being in the groups:
ABeat Sisters, Gipsy And Queen, Go Go Girls, King & Queen, Phil & Linda and Time All Stars.

Elena’s labels include:
Time Records, Avex Trax Japan, Asia Records, and A-Bea

Although she is singing Eurobeat most of the time, she has songs spanning the genres:
Eurobeat, Italo Disco, Disco, Electronica, Hi NRG, Dance, Techno, Folk.

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